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Sketchbytes by Scott Porembski


Black and white start with a color finish.

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This is where I want to make a home for all my odds and ends, artistic explorations, and self-proclaimed profound musings. It is to be the record of my climb up Mount Art.

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Here’s some concept work I did on a game project a few years back that I never got around to sharing. Enjoy :)

Concept work in developing's mascot, Bob.

About three years ago I made an animation for the startup company CookItFor.Us’ (currently MakeItFor.Us) presentation. The idea was to have their mascot projected on a screen and interact with the presenter by throwing an animated cookie. At which point a real cookie would have been thrown and caught on stage.

This is the pencil test I did for the final animation.

We have this natural and historical museum of Nagaoka on the first floor of my office building. 
What a great opportunity for some quick lunchtime sketching.

Plein air on the iPad of the mountains seen from my place.

Here’s an old one I did a few years ago that I still like.

"Ideas are useless without an execution."

Quick sketch of the mountains that can be seen from my house.

Portrait of a good friend of mine who was nice enough to model for me while watching TV. 

Demon sketch painted on the iPad.

Teacher iPad sketch, referenced from life.

Quick iPad painting, referenced from life.